Ask Adam Blog Series – August 2012 Q & A

by 2499

Summer is coming to a close but that’s not stopping the August edition of our Ask Adam blog. To see responses from July please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or what he’s been up to, please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions page and submit your questions there.

We have been members of the Crown & Anchor Society for quite a few years (17 years and 8 cruises), but we never seem to get upgrades like many other passengers we talk to, some with less cruises, some with more. On a recent (but LAST) Princess cruise, we were given a cabin upgrade on our first cruise with them, yet we never seem to receive the same benefit with Royal Caribbean. What determines the who, why and how of upgrades? We love Royal Caribbean, but we always seem to come out on the short end. – Bob H.

From time to time we have a small number of staterooms that become available for upgrades prior to the sailing. Should we make these staterooms available, Pinnacle Club and Diamond Plus members will be offered a complimentary upgrade first. This is done by looking at which stateroom category was reserved and highest cruise points descending downward. Complimentary upgrades are only available for one category upgrade; for example, Inside to Outside, Outside to Balcony, Balcony to Junior Suite, Junior Suite to Grand Suite and Grand Suite to Owner’s Suite. Complimentary upgrades will not be offered above an Owner’s Suite. We ask our members to complete their upgrade preference online, as this will allow us to assign your upgraded stateroom as quickly as possible. Remember, that to guarantee the type of stateroom you wish to sail in, please reserve your stateroom of choice at time of booking, as upgrades are rarely available and are dependent on available inventory. In addition, there are occasions when for operational reasons guests need to be moved. This may have the effect of a guest in a lower Crown & Anchor tier or one who is not in the Crown & Anchor society receiving an upgrade.

What are the prospects of cruising out of Savannah, Charleston, or even Jacksonville in the near future? Being in the Atlanta area, I can see a real need for a closer port than Tampa or Port Canaveral, both a 7-7 ½ hour drive. There is a large population in this corner of the Southeast and to have a drivable port would be a real plus, especially since I am part of a travel agency! – Victor C.

We continue to review additional cruising options along the Atlantic coast. Unfortunately, we do not have enough ships to be in all markets that we would like to be. However, we do have ships sailing from Tampa and Port Canaveral with itineraries ranging from 3 to 7 nights. We have announced that starting next April we will replace Monarch of the Seas with the newly enhanced Enchantment of the Seas on the 3 and 4 night cruises from Port Canaveral.

Are there any plans for a British Isles cruise? Princess has a 13 night Ireland, Scotland and England trip I really like, but Royal Caribbean does not. I really like Royal Caribbean but really want this kind of cruise. – Diane S.

Based on the demand from our guests, we have added some British Isles cruises to our itinerary mix. Next season, we will have two 10 night departures on Vision of the Seas, leaving from Copenhagen. The August 7, 2013 sailing is roundtrip from Copenhagen while the September 14, 2013 sailing starts in Copenhagen and ends in Southampton.

I am a Diamond member and cruise every year. I think it should be considered that the menus in the dining room be on some kind of alternation, as the menus from the last three years have been the same. What happened to the early nineties when you changed the menus each year? – Linda S.

Hi Linda, we are currently reviewing our menus and will send your comment to the culinary department. Thank you for your feedback.

Mr. Goldstein, Royal Caribbean talks a good game of being ecologically responsible with the Save the Waves program. On every cruise we see constant reminders to shut off our TV when leaving the stateroom and turning off the water when brushing our teeth. This is great advice, and every little bit counts, but have you ever considered a few other things that Royal Caribbean should be doing? For example, low-flow faucets and shower heads in stateroom bathrooms, waterless urinals, Dyson airblade hand dryers in the public bathrooms, light controls in the staterooms, turning off the big screen TV on the pool deck when it is not being watched, etc.

My biggest pet peeve is at the end of every cruise I notice how many photographs are thrown away because people did not want them to be taken or simply did not like them. I am sure it is quite costly to print them, not only for the paper but the chemicals and their effects on the environment. Perhaps a better solution is a system using Sea Pass cards, much like you do at the muster drill. When the photographers take a picture they can swipe a Sea Pass card and have that image assigned to that guest. You could then have kiosks that the passenger could use to view their photos and have the option of creating a disc or having prints made. – Brian H.

Hi Brian, thank you for your feedback. Our company is highly dedicated to our Save the Waves program and will be celebrating 20 years of commitment this year. Just a couple of examples to show how we are committed:

  • We’ve reduced fuel consumption per person per day by 19% since 2005
  • We’ve reduced the amount of waste going to landfill per person per day by 50% since 2007
  • We doubled the amount of waste we recycle per year between 2008 and 2011 (in 2011 we recycled or reused 22.53 million pounds of waste)

As you mentioned, we have also installed low-flow faucets and shower heads. Our toilets typically use only a third of a gallon of water (as compared to a typical low flow toilet at a shoreside hotel which uses 1.5 gallons). For more information on all the different things we are working on at Royal Caribbean to Save the Waves please visit here.

Since we are conscious about being environmentally friendly, we are proud to offer digital photo systems onboard over half of our fleet with plans to add another four ships in 2013. Guests can swipe their Sea Pass card at the interactive photo kiosks to view and purchase their photos and have them delivered digitally on a Get the Picture! disc. While we are still printing photos for guests, we anticipate reducing printing in the future as more guests opt to purchase their memories digitally.

We have been cruising for many years with Royal Caribbean and have enjoyed the children’s programs. Unfortunately my 19 and 20-year olds don’t want to cruise with you since they feel they are in no-man’s land. They are too old for the kids programs but not allowed to join the 20ish folks drinking and dancing. What are their options? – Judy R.

Hi Judy, 18 year olds are allowed in the nightclub and disco areas, including the casino. While they cannot drink alcohol, there are still plenty of activities for them to participate in, from sporting events to our surf simulator to rock climbing and more. We also have game shows most evenings that 18 year olds can enjoy. For an endless list of things to do please visit here.

Hi, I’ve been on a couple Royal Caribbean cruises. I am a musician and would love to see a jam room set up for people to play guitar or other instruments. With all the people on the cruise there is bound to be some talented people. I would love to be able to sit on deck and play as the ocean passes in the evening. – Mike H.

Hi Mike, most of our ships offer a Guest Talent Show where the guests can be the star, as well as Karaoke on all sailings. We would love to hear your talents on your next cruise! We’re sorry that there are not typically rooms available for jam sessions.

Hi Adam, I have just returned from a Baltic cruise on Jewel of the Seas and our table companions were fantastic. I was wondering how you choose who sits with who when planning the seating arrangements as we were all from similar backgrounds and location? Thank you. – Kay W.

It’s interesting that we receive this kind of question because seating our guests is actually a very complex operation! While nearly one third of our guests select My Time Dining as their preference, the remaining two thirds select traditional dining at a set time with the same table and table mates for their cruise. We assign nearly 75,000 seats each week!

Seating assignments is one of the many planning tasks handled by a special restaurant operations group shore side. In addition to the shipboard team, a team of five in Miami handles the seating arrangements, which includes the reservations process for My Time Dining, traditional dining and all of our specialty restaurants. My Time Dining and specialty dining seat assignments may also be done by guests themselves online through our Royal Caribbean web site.

Traditional dining seat assignments with table mates are largely handled by a seat assignment system using a specially designed algorithm. However, both our shore side team and the shipboard team personally coordinate the seating for guests with special circumstances, including those guests enrolled in our Crown & Anchor loyalty program or with a group. Other guest bookings that require personal attention include those guests in Suites, with children or guests who have special needs or special requests. We often get requests from guests to be seated with guests of similar age or demographic.

Once the seating process is completed our shipboard restaurant coordinator spends additional time on seating to ensure other needs are met such as those with similar languages and age range. Special attention is paid in this area for our international itineraries as well. We are not always able to put guests with the same language or age range together but we realize how important it is to the cruise experience if guests are able to relate well with their table mates.

Adam, let me first thank you for taking the time to talk to your loyal Royal Caribbean cruisers. My wife and I have taken multiple European cruises on Royal Caribbean and on our last sailing we fell in love with the crepe station on the ship. We fell in love so much we were going to book the sister ship on a future sailing just because it would have the crepe station (this is not an exaggeration). However, shortly after we looked into the booking we found out that the ship had been refurbished and the station was taken out. Can you tell me if any of the ships in the line have a crepe station, and if not, can we please get them back? Thanks again. – Mark Z.

Hi Mark, the crepe stations are not a standard fleet wide offering on our ships. Ships take their own initiative to create such stations; however we will certainly review the recommendation for crepe stations if it is operationally feasible and executable.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

  • Janet Stephens

    I am a Diamond Plus member and I often travel with a girlfriend rather than with my husband. It upsets me that I can’t bring her into the Diamond or Diamond Plus lounges particularly on the trans atlantic cruises. It takes a lot of pleasure out of the trip. It makes me feel that if I am not traveling with my husband or another Diamond Plus Member, I might as well book on another line since my biggest benefit can’t be extended to my room mate. I feel that if the person is staying in my cabin the benfit should be extended to her on this cruise!.

    • Adam

      Hello Janet, you can find the answer to your question in the May edition of our Ask Adam blog series found here. Thank you.

  • Jackie Ferguson

    My husband and I were upgraded from an inside to a balconey – 2 categories upgrade, not just one. There were 3 cabins and we were the only ones upgraded.

  • Edie Mousa

    I am sailing on the 10/9/12 Holy Land cruise . Scheduled to dock overnight in both Alexandria and Ashdod , is there a time deadline for boarding while in port? I have family in Alexandria and might return to the ship late.

  • Gary Bair

    Wondering how often cabin carpets are shampooed, and bed spreads changeid. Thank you

  • http://aol Brenda Bidinger

    Hi Adam. We have just disembarked from the Oasis of the Seas, which we love. It was mentioned that there will be a new class of ships in the next 2 to 3 years. Can you tell us where the ships will be sailing and what port it will be sailing from.

    Thank you.

    Brenda B.

    • Jay Pham

      I just got off Oasis of the Seas too! It was my 5th cruise and it was amazing! The ship was a bit rocky at times, but the seas were a bit rough.

    • Adam

      Hi Brenda, please keep an eye on our page for the most up-to-date information on Project Sunshine. Thank you.

  • Anne Green

    Many years ago I became a member of the crown and anchor society. After my divorce I stopped traveling as much. I want to book a cruise but no longer have my number , how do I go about finding it ??
    I can’t wait to cruise with RCCL once again !!!

    • Adam

      Hello Anne, to speak with a representative from the Crown & Anchor Society in regards to your lost number, please call: (800) 526-9723. Thank you.

  • Paul Kern

    Hi Adam,

    I know you’re an avid runner, so I’m hoping you have some love for your brethren bicyclists. Some of us would love to take our bikes on vacation with us so that we could explore the amazing ports that are offered. While I know this might canabalize some shore excursion bookings, I don’t think the damage would be significant.

    Do you foresee a time when we could bring our bikes onboard, have them stored in a luggage area, yet have them accessible for self-guided cycling tours in ports of call?

    Because after all, you know what they call a runner with bad knees … a cyclist!

  • lisa

    as i am a marie curie nurse and a carer and we have travelled with you a couple of times also other cruise lines and have noticed you have cabins for the disabled, i was wondering if you had concidered providing a care type service to help assist with personal care of the passengers using those facillities ? my mother is disabled and we love to take her away with us when we can and i think that this would be a fantastic opatunity for your self.
    i also think if you offered it as a package for the use of the people using the disabled cabins this would be a sure fire winner as now a lot of hotels offer this facility with a care package.
    i would love to know what you think. Lisa

  • Dan Vartan

    My wife and I are avid cruisers. Although it’s a lot tougher now that there is no weekend cruises available on the west coast.

    We have almost achieved your diamond plus status. With that we appriciate the discount balacony fair and the on board credit when we book on board.

    But I’m curious why does RCCI you offer discounts for residents but those discounts are not offered to travelers that have to spend $100’s on airfare to get to the docks not to mention the extra us out of state travelers put into the local economy with hotels, car rentals & dining.

  • Billy McDoniel

    My comments are about the ship, Explorer of the Seas, out of Cape Liberty. I must say I am very glad our first cruise, of 14, was not as this one. The terminal is terrible, the ship was not up to the standard as other aged ships we have cruised. Some of our experiences, warm water out of the cold water faucet, once no water, (I guess they were working on the warm water problem.) Gladly the service, cabin attendant, dining room and entertianment was top notch and as good as any of our 13 previous cruises.
    I heard rumors that the terminal situation is in planning and the ship is slated for refurbishing. Would you care to tell us if either or both are in the planning.
    Thank you.

  • karen webb

    Why did RC drop Key West from its sailing? Any plans to renew?

    • Adam

      Hello Karen, for a list of cruises sailing to Key West, please click here.

  • Pat S

    My husband and I love Royal Caribbean, we cruise on it all the time. The only thing that bothers us is that the waiter in the dining room always bugs us to fill out the survey and to give him an excellent. I think this is very tacky and I do not need to be asked to do this. If my waiter is excellent, he will get an excellent on the survey but I really think this practice should be discontinued.

    • Jay Pham

      You must have gotten a bad waiter. All 5 years we’ve always gotten excellent service. Next time choose my time dining and then if you don’t like your waiter switch to another table. Our first waiters were boring and our area was crowded, but when we switched we got an amazing waiter! He was funny, entertaining, and even though he asked for an excellent he was just joking. He knew we enjoyed his service, but they just want your opinion on it. It’s not like they ask you the first day, and they usually only ask once. If they ask more than once or twice then sure, but if they ask once it’s not a big deal. Just go with it. Royal Caribbean wants your opinion so that they can improve their service.

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Pat, we will be sure to pass this along to the proper department.

  • Jonathan Hill

    Dear Adam as far as the dining arrangments My wife and I have made several sailings with RCC and you are our favorite ! But just a note. 2 years ago we meet another couple, dining mates that have now become part of our family We now sail
    Together and last cruise meet another couple from england that also are now part of our family. Our reunion are
    On the Freedom each year Thank you for the excellent job you and your team do everyday ! Jonathan and Kathy Hill H

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing your story, Jonathan. It sounds as though you have made some true lifelong connections onboard

  • Steve Clark

    Do you envisage that RCI will one day have round the world voyages.

  • Orrin Shaw

    When we go on vacation we don’t think we need to work to get on the Boat. This comment is both from the perspective of a Stockholder and a Diamond C&A Member. I am split from those loyalties in that YOUR new policy regarding Luggage Tags is clearly a move to improve the bottom line. As a stockholder Cool, because we have done the Math and it is no small thing—it does improve the bottom line. As a Diamond Member I have to go to Fedex and get color copies and then laminate at least one side, then cut them to shape and when we are at the Port staple or tape them to our bags. Because if we use just paper copies the potential to delay our bags increases to the point that the vacationbecomes a crap shoot. I understand that we can get some from the porters at the pier—–we are not Diamond because we don’t care to go to the extra effort of complying witha financial move. We expect to seamlesslly get on the ship and experience Diamond perks. As is true with the country song “You got to know when to hold and when to fold” you should fold on this policy. We are sailing on the Allure the end of Oct.——it is a family cruise and the others could get lost in your Quest for the bottom line. Get back to the way was NOW. I don’t expect a reply nor a computer change allowing the ability to order Luggage Tags. Yes there are other Cruising alternatives!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Orrin Shaw

      Is there going to be a reply???

      • Martha

        Orrin – there are companies that make special tags which you can just slip your luggage tags into. There are ones made just for Royal Caribbean. Google “Royal Caribbean luggage tags”. Not only will these save the company’s bottom line but will also save the planet as they are reusable. No more laminations (you may have to color print at the location of your choice though). I’ve looked into this as we sail at the end of November!! Bon Voyage!

        • Orrin Shaw

          Thanks Martha

  • Al K.

    Hi Adam:
    I recently disembarked from the Allure of the Seas. My wife and I had a fantastic time on the Sept. 2nd cruise. We enjoyed the ship so much that we booked it again for next year. There is one thing that really annoyed me though.
    In the dining room, I noticed that quite a few people was wearing shorts, tank tops & caps. The cruise compass states that none of these are allowed. What can be done to discourage people from wearing these articles of clothing? Thanks for your input – Al K.

    • Adam

      Hello Al, you can review the onboard dress codes here: Please note that they are only suggestions, however we strongly encourage guests to abide by them.

  • http://facebook Joe Wright

    Adam, why don’t you move one of the Oasis class ships to the Sothern Caribbean. They both basically have the same itinerary. Also how about at least putting one of the Freedom class ships out of New York or Bayonne, NJ.

    • JO

      I agree, I would love to take a 10 or 11 day southern cruise from Fl on a larger ship than you have sailing now.

  • Virginia Valenta

    Hi! Adam,
    I have made 14 cruises with Royal Caribbean. I very much enjoy cruising with Royal Caribbean. I have stayed from a small room to the Aqua Suite on the Oasis of the Seas Usaully with my youngest granddaughter. She enjoys watching movies in the room when her parents are doing other things. My question is why don’t you have a DVD player in the suites for children to bring there own dvd to watch, since there is not a good selection on the TV for them to watch. Since we pay a good price for these rooms for the space and convenience, it really would nice if there was something small children could be entertained in the room. This would really help a lot. Thanks.

  • joyce

    I heard there is going to be a new ship coming out of New Jersey in 20014 , is this true because I love going out of this port but I have been on the only ship that goes out of here.It would be great to have another ship sail from here.

  • Tina

    Dear Adam
    Why did you change main seating time to 5:30 form 6:00?
    That leaves little time to chat with friends at the Diamond Club before Dinner.

  • David Cuttler

    Greetings. On our most recent cruise we earned enough points to move into the Platinum level. We are very excited and are looking forward to our next cruise to start taking advantage of some of the additional benefits. Though our status change is noted when we log into Crown & Anchor section of the website, I was surprised that RCCL had not sent some sort of acknowledgement (email, letter or card) of this achievement. We aren’t looking for a freebie but some kind of recognition for being a loyal customer would be a nice touch. We did get emails telling us how close we were to Platinum, though we had already cruised and qualified at the Platinum level.

  • Nancy Taylor

    We have an upcoming cruise on the Liberty of the Seas on January 5 and want the traditional 6 o’clock sitting. We are celebrating my husband and myself 80th birthday’s one early and one after the fact and have booked 3 additional cabins for family members. We are on wait list and the my time sitting which we do no like at all. On last January’s cruise with family on the my time dinning we were shoved in one corner or another every night with different wait staff even though we had been assigned a specific time. I’m a diamond member almost diamond plus and have been on 60 some cruises including other lines. My husband and I are both diabetic and need to eat at the early dinning hour. Please help there are 8 in our party this January. Nancy T

  • John Fiege

    I am a frequent cruiser on Royal Carribean ( my 6th will be this Nov.15th). I would like to know if there will be any intinery changes for 2013? I always go out of Cape Liberty, and I am quickly running out of new locations. Will there be any new ships going out of Cape Liberty?



    • Adam

      Hi John, you can find all Cape Liberty sailings for 2013 here. Thank you.

  • Carla Knoop

    Howdy Mr. Goldstein, we found cruising 5 years ago, 1st cruise on the Raspsody out of Galveston. Will be on our 32nd cruise in 2 weeks. We mostly cruise from our home port of Galveston. Would really love to be able to cruise with RCCL year round out of Galveston. Are there any plans to bring a ship back to Galveston full time–not happy that Carnival is our only choice from Apr through mid Nov. Please, please, bring a ship back to TX full time.

    • Adam

      Hello Carla, at this time we have no plans to permanently place a ship departing from Galveston. Thank you.

  • Pete O’Sullivan

    Dear Adam,

    We asked you last week about the time you left us in Gibraltar, without a single call for the full two days we were off the ship, we would appreciate some communication on this matter please.


  • JO

    I am a Diamond member & cruise 2-4 times a year. It seems like the gifts for the c&a are getting few & far between. We get wine or champangn ( which we don’t drink) but nothing else on te last 2 or 3 cruises. I suggested maybe a cheap picture frame with the name of the ship on it. Just a little something for our loyality. See you on Frredom again in october. Thank you

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Jo. We will be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  • Ann K

    We appreciate some of the more innovative itineraries you offer. But we are wondering if you are considering a Black Sea itinerary?

  • Aida M. Martinez

    Dear Adam: My husband and I just started cruising last year and we just love it, but I guess you are probably tired of reading about how wonderful experience it is. The reason of my email is for you to take into consideration to have an special rate to people like me in charge of the education of the future’s generations, Yes, I’m a teacher and like many others, we miss out when you have special deals since we are teaching. I know of some teachers whom take off and leave the students with substitutes in order to take advantage of deals. In all honesty I can’t do that I know of some fellow teachers whom can’t do it either. I know that special offer were given to police officer and firemen in June, just like us they are public service. I believe we should receive special recognition by your company when we can have special together with the police and firemen. It was an awesome deal a $500.00 in the Oasis for seven days. I’m going into my fourth cruise this year, my plans are to take 2 per year. Next year, looking into the Mediterrean Cruise with my husband, daughter, grandson and son-in-law. I haven’t decided on the second one yet for next year either Spring Break or a Holiday cruise again.
    Mr. CEO, thank you for this opportunity to bring to you our questions and concerns and I look forward to continue cruising with RCC and become a Dimond member or more. Hopefully, you take into consideration my request and the hundreds of teachers that just feel like me, are missing out for being teaching when good deals are offered.
    Thanks and God bless.

  • Zac

    Will Maker’s Mark be stocked on cruises leaving in 2013?

    • Adam

      Hi Zac, we’re happy to inform you that Marker’s Mark is a standard inventory item and will be available onboard.

  • Daniel Hanners

    Why did you stop sending out baggage tags on Monarch of The Seas. This will make it harder for me to cruse with RCCL.

    • Adam

      Hi David, we now provide printable luggage tags across the entire fleet. Please click here to learn more.

  • ruby wade

    I am a diamond member, just love Royal. Anyway, I will be on freedom of the seas again on December 9. Got my cousin to go too, I know she will get hooked. Can’t wait to tell her “I told you”. anyway, I have to stray next year because you don’t have any 7 day cruises to curaçao from florida? Any chance you might send a voyager or freedom class ship there from florida on a 7 night cruise soon so I can switch my cruise for 11/2013? Also, I just don’t understand why you don’t sail to bermuda from port canaveral? Maybe when enchantment comes here you will consider it? you could alternate a bermuda with a bahamas cruise? 5 night bermuda and a 4 night bahamas? or better yet, a 5 night bermuda with a 9 night southern caribbean? I prefer to go on longer cruises on a bigger ship but I think enchantment was upgraded enough to be enjoyable.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestions, Ruby. We will be sure to pass them along to the proper department.

  • Brad

    Hi Adam

    My family and I are Platinum members and are travelling to Fort Lauderdale to go on back to back cruises on the Allure of the seas departing the 6th Jan and than the Independence of the Seas on the 13th Jan.

    This will mean that we have been on all classes of ships from the vision right up to the Oasis.

    My question is will we have to take our luggage with us when we move from the Allure to the Independence or will Royal take care of this for us.

    Also I have been told that others who have taken back to back cruises on the same ship have recieved extra benifits so are we also entitiled to anything.

    I look forward to your reply and cruising with you again.


  • Melanie

    Hi Adam,
    We went on the Mariner for our first cruise and fell in love with it and specifically Royal Caribbean. Now we are booked on the Freedom in February and are already thinking of where we will take our third. We are really interested in the British Isles cruise. It sounds amazing. I was wondering why it is only offered one (maybe two if I’m right) sailings a year. Are there any plans to offer this cruise more or any other cruises similar to this one. I can’t imagine if we can make this one happen. The only thing stopping us now is finding a good deal on airfare. Again we are extremely excited for the Freedom and taking our kids with us this time.

  • Barry Kling

    The Sea is Calling is such a great advertising slogan.. Does RCCL have any plans to create merchandise with this – i.e tshirts and such. These could be sucha great additonal to the onship shopping experience…

  • http://facebook Carol Thiessen

    Hi Adam, we just booked our first cruise on your fleet, and I’m really excited! could you please tell me how many formal nights are on an 11 day cruise/ We booked the Hawaii cruise for our first cruise on your line!

    • Adam

      You’ll have to be sure to let us know all about your first Royal Caribbean adventure once you return, Carol. And for information on formal nights, please click here. Thank you.

  • Dan Vartan

    as we are a cruise away from being Diamond Plus members, we finally bought some 1970’s disco outfits. Please tell me there are no plans to cancel this activity anytime soon. Especially aboard the Caribbean sailings.