Ask Adam Blog Series – March 2012 Answers

by 1833

Spring has arrived and so has the 12th edition of our Ask Adam blog series. Hard to believe it’s already been a year since we started this and we would like to thank everyone for their wonderful questions. If you missed February’s questions please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean news, what he’s been up to or just curious about all things Royal Caribbean, please follow this link to our Facebook discussions page and submit your questions there.

Is there any chance that passengers will be able to bring their pets with them one day onboard Royal Caribbean cruises? – Elyse B.

Currently we allow service animals to accompany guests with disabilities onboard and there is no plan to change our no-pet policy at this time.

Hi Adam, I am 14 and have only been on one cruise (Carnival Sensation) but I would love to go on Oasis of the Seas because the ships are a lot nicer. The prices of Carnival are lower than Royal Caribbean especially since I have the past guest discount. I want your opinion on what to do. – Ben

Ben, I appreciate your interest in Oasis of the Seas. While I don’t want to speak to how other cruise lines price cruise vacations, I can tell you that I firmly believe we offer a great value, even if we are not the lowest priced cruise option. We are a brand known for innovation and that is reflected in how we build our ships. We offer a variety of activities including surfing on our FlowRider, rock wall climbing, competing on our sports deck, meeting other guests in our Adventure Ocean teen program and much more. While each ship class has its own activities and onboard innovation, please know that we are in the process of taking our most popular innovations from the Oasis-class and bringing them to the rest of the fleet. If you aren’t ready to sail on Oasis for your first Royal Caribbean cruise there are several other ships in our fleet to choose from.

Will Royal Caribbean ever consider making Turks and Caicos a port of call? – Colleen C

Thank you for the suggestion. We do not have any plans for Turks and Caicos now but will continue to review as a potential for future deployment.

What lengths do staff onboard Royal Caribbean ships go to in order to deep clean a ship after an outbreak such as the Norovirus? Is Royal Caribbean planning on new measures to reduce the risk of an outbreak? – Scott R.

At Royal Caribbean International we have high health standards for all of our guests and crew. During a sailing, whenever necessary, we conduct enhanced cleaning onboard a ship, to help prevent the spread of any illness. Additionally, in between the end of one cruise and the beginning of the next cruise, we conduct an extensive and thorough sanitizing process onboard the ship and within the cruise terminal, to help prevent any illness from affecting the subsequent sailing.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 21 million cases of acute gastroenteritis each year are due to the Norovirus infection and more than 50% of all food borne disease outbreaks can be attributed to Noroviruses. Only the common cold is more prevalent. Medical experts tell us that the best way to prevent the spread of gastrointestinal illnesses is to simply wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water after using the bathroom and before eating anything.

We enjoy cruising to the Norwegian Fjords, but most major cruise lines don’t start cruising there until summer or fall. Locals tell us that the waterfalls are more beautiful in the spring. Any chance Royal Caribbean would consider a Norwegian cruise earlier in the season, or at the end of a repositioning cruise from Florida to Europe? – Jim M.

Hello Jim, Norway is a beautiful country to visit at any time of the year; however the waterfalls are more active earlier in the season as you mention. We will be offering a series of cruises to Norway and the fjords in late spring this year. Specifically Brilliance of the Seas arrives in Amsterdam on May 12, 2012 and offers a 7 Night Norwegian Fjords sailing.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Allure of the Seas or Oasis of the Seas will be moved to Port Canaveral? – James B.


Hi Adam, I love cruising onboard Oasis and Allure. Are there any plans to mix up the itineraries for either ship or changing the home port of one of the ships? – Erik C.

Over the holidays we offered a couple of unique sailings for Allure of the Seas. This allowed us to call on St. Kitts for the first time with this class of ship. I do not expect this to be a regular occurrence but from time to time we will have the opportunity to offer different itineraries and ports of call. In general we are very happy with what the ships are doing on their current itineraries.

What happens if it is time to leave a port and not all the guests are back onboard? Is there an amount of time that you wait for them and then leave? Will it delay the cruise? – Emily M.

If a guest is booked on a Royal Caribbean sponsored excursion and the excursion is running late then the ship will wait for the guests. Any other guests who are not onboard at the time of departure will work with our local port agents to make arrangements to meet the ship at the next port of call. It is up to each individual guest to make sure that they are onboard the ship prior to its departure.

Hi Adam, seeing that Royal Caribbean International is such an innovative company, have you ever considered putting a small craft beer brewery on your ships? Not only is it extremely popular and growing leaps and bounds in a sluggish economy, so many other activities can be offered surrounding the concept. Such as craft beer historical lectures, tastings and evaluations, other craft beer education topics, food pairings, etc. Just a thought! – Jonathan A.

We have certainly explored many initiatives, and we have considered craft brewing however we don’t have any plans to put a craft beer brewery on our ships in the near future. I will point out that our beverage team is keenly aware of the craft beer resurgence, and recently added about 14 craft beers to our English Pub concept, bringing our total beer selection in this venue to the mid 30’s.

Adam, when are we going to see a ship in Port Canaveral to compete with Disney Cruise Ship’s 3 and 4-day cruises? – Christopher B.

Hi Christopher, we have had a long history of offering 3 and 4 night cruises out of Port Canaveral. Monarch of the Seas is now offering this program through April 1 of 2013. We have not yet announced our deployment details beyond that date but will do so in the next month. Please continue to check our 2013 Deployment page.

Is Royal Caribbean thinking about having any special cruises during the Panama Canal’s inaugural season in 2014? If so, will we know ahead of time whether a particular cruise will use the new Post-Panama locks on the Caribbean and Pacific sides, or routed through the current locks? – Jim M.

Thanks for the suggestion Jim. We have not planned the itineraries for this time but this is something that we plan to review.

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