Ask Adam Blog Series – January 2012 Answers

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We started off 2012 with the unveiling of our warmly received “The Sea is Calling. Answer it Royally.” campaign and now we are introducing the January edition of our Ask Adam blog series. As we do every month, we would like to thank everyone who has submitted their questions for Adam to answer and we hope you continue to do so. If you missed December’s questions please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean news, what he’s been up to or just curious about all things Royal Caribbean, please follow this link to our Facebook discussions page and submit your questions there.

Just wondering if you have been on all of your ships and which one is your favorite? – P Peacock

Thank you for asking an unanswerable question! This is similar to asking which is your favorite child. I have a great attachment to all of them. I can only offer that the two projects that I was most involved in were the Voyager-class and Oasis-class, so for sure I have a very strong bond with those ships.

Hi Adam, Royal Caribbean is my brand of choice; however, I have attempted to see what some of the other lines are offering. There are two areas that I feel that could keep me Loyal to Royal. I would like to be able to bring my own bottle of wine or champagne onboard. It would be helpful if the company would assign a loyalty number to each new RCCL booking, like the Carnival brands. My daughter has two cruises that she does not have credit. It sometimes is a hassle to go online or try to sign up onboard. – Delores L.

Delores, thank you for your suggestions. It is true that Royal Caribbean does not allow any alcoholic beverages to be brought onboard. As such we have worked diligently to ensure we have a broad selection of offerings to appeal to our vast range of demographics (187 bottles and 32 by the glass in the dining room alone). We worked with two Master Sommeliers over the last three years. Not just to diversify our offerings, but to help us source great wines that offer true value. You may want to learn about our Wine and Dine program. While we do not foresee any change to our current policy, I did want to reassure you that you will find extraordinary selections and values onboard each of our ships.

In order for your daughter’s reservations to automatically populate into her account, she or her travel agent need to enter her loyalty number at the time of booking. Also, your daughter may call our Loyalty Desk at (800) 526-9723 to find out if the cruises that are unaccounted for are in our database. Our Loyalty Desk is able to add the cruises into her record if necessary.

When can we expect to see a drink package for Caribbean sailings? We would definitely choose this option! – Sandra J.

Currently our drink packages are limited to specific markets and still represent a pilot process we use to validate our offerings. We are in the process of determining if we should expand the package offerings to other ships (within the current markets being tested) but even for that effort we are not quite there yet. To answer your question directly, we do not currently have any plans to deploy these packages within the North American Market.

When will Royal Caribbean visit Greenland? The Jewel and Brilliance do an excellent North Atlantic transit but do not visit Greenland. We are Diamond and would book Royal Caribbean but instead will book passage on Eurodam because they do visit Greenland. – Paul H.

We will keep this in consideration as we plan our future itineraries.

Are you and other top members of the RCCL management team aware of the continuing problems with your web site? Some days we cannot even log into the site. Other days we can log in but not get to reservation. Some days we can search for cruising but the results that come back don’t match what we searched on. Many days we can use the web site but the response times are horrendous. These issues have been on-going since about March/April 2011 when you made major changes to the web site. I just don’t understand why you have not fixed a big problem that directly affects income. – Ed T.

Ed, thank you for your question. We are very much aware of issues with both the user experience and performance of our website and are currently working on improvements.

Why do you have your Oasis class ships doing 3, 5, 7 day cruises? These are huge ships and it would be a much more relaxing vacation if we had more time to explore and enjoy the amenities on board. Wouldn’t they be more suited to 10 or 11 day cruises with more time at sea? – Karen K.

For the foreseeable future, the Oasis class ships will offer primarily alternating 7 night cruises to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. These cruises are a better match for the markets Oasis-class ships were designed to attract.

Will Royal Caribbean ever have a Southern Caribbean cruise out of Miami instead of San Juan? – Stephanie A.

We have recently announced a new program for Vision of the Seas for fall and winter season 2012-13. She will be deployed on a series of 10 and 11 night cruises from Fort Lauderdale calling upon the Southern Caribbean ports.

Do you plan to offer more programs for children under 3 in the future? – Wendy M.

In 2011 we introduced a new program to select ships in the fleet entitled Maritime Music. Maritime Music is a mommy and me music experience for children ages 6 months to 5 years. We have teamed up with the Midtown School of Performing Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma for parents to have the opportunity to interact with their child in a musical setting while onboard. The ships that carry this program are: Oasis, Allure, Liberty, Freedom, Radiance, Explorer and Mariner. Five additional ships will receive the Maritime Music Program in 2012.

Currently we offer Fisher-Price Playgroups fleetwide on all of our 22 ships. These are for ages 6 to18 months (Royal Babies) and 18 to 36 months (Royal Tots). The play groups take place throughout the voyage, there is a 45 minute play experience for parents to interact with their babies and tots. Curriculum and toys are provided by our partners at Fisher-Price.

Our private destination, CoCoCay has a Fisher-Price PowerWheels track that is specifically for children ages 2 through 5. Parents can accompany their children while they enjoy the PowerWheels on our outdoor track.

The fleet also offers an interactive experience for mom and tots entitled Crayola Beginnings. This program was created by our partners at Crayola for parents and toddlers (ages 18 to 36 months) to experience art in a fun playful environment. This program is fleetwide and is offered throughout the voyage.

Our company has taken a closer look at accommodating the Under 3 age group since 2011, where we retrofitted four ships, Liberty, Freedom, Radiance, Splendour, with Royal Babies and Tots Nurseries. These four ships in addition to Oasis and Allure give us six fully functional nurseries with drop off service for children ages 6 to 36 months.

In 2012 there are three ships confirmed to receive Nurseries: Rhapsody, Mariner and Grandeur.

Any new ports coming in the future? We are Platinum but can’t quite find a new cruise going somewhere new or different. – Michele S.

For our 2012-13 season, the Royal Caribbean brand will visit approximately 25 new ports. Many of these new ports are featured on the new itineraries for Brilliance. In the summer, she will be based in Northern Europe with Norwegian Fjords and Scandinavia itineraries departing from Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Some of the new ports include Kristiansand, Norway; Leknes, Norway; Molde, Norway; and Klaksvik, Faroe Islands. In the fall, the ship will position to the Atlantic Canada region with several cruises round trip from Quebec City and between Quebec and Cape Liberty Cruise Port, NJ. Several of the new ports include Cornerbrook, Newfoundland; Gaspe, Quebec; Saquenay, Quebec; and St Pierre, Miquelon.

Will Royal Caribbean ever bring Belize back to their Western Caribbean itinerary? – Chris C.

Belize is still included on select itineraries such as our 5 night itineraries for Liberty departing from Fort Lauderdale and 7 night cruises for Mariner departing from Galveston during the winter seasons.

Can you give some details about the Royal Advantage revitalization that will be done on the Voyager class of ships? – Jay D.

All five of the Voyager class ships are scheduled for ship enhancements in between 2013 and 2014. Stay tuned to our Facebook page or visit our website for updates on all of our ship revitalizations.

I thought the dining and drink selections on Allure of the Seas were nothing short of outstanding, any sort of drink or food I could think of wanting at any given time was available aboard the ship save one: good old fashioned southern style sweet tea! You already have the ingredients and machines to make the sweet tea, sugar and a tea brewer, but why no sweet tea?

We have a large variety of complimentary beverages from juices, flavored waters, unsweetened ice tea, lemonade, etc. available as well as a large variety of non-alcoholic beverages for sale. The selection of food and beverage items we serve is based on research and requests on what is most popular. In short, majority rules in this case, however we will certainly take the recommendation for sweetened iced tea and review on our next round of fleet beverage updates.

Hi Adam, I am currently a high school sophomore who has a great interest in the design and building of cruise ships. I plan to go on and be a naval architect, but I really want to design cruise ships. How would I be able to get involved with Royal Caribbean after college? I hope everything at Royal is going great, and I am looking forward to Project Sunshine! – Mikey F.

Sounds great Mikey, please check out our career opportunities here. And make sure to keep your grades up. It’s not easy to become a naval architect!

I have read that the Allure of the Seas now has the new coke machine, which you can choose a variety of fountain drinks from. I will be sailing on the Oasis of the Seas in July, will the Coke machine be there too?

The Coke Freestyle Machines on Allure were test machines that allowed us to prepare for a broader deployment starting this year. We tested to gauge popularity (very, very popular) as well as water and power requirements and location placement for permanent installation. Currently the machines are not on any of our ships, including Oasis and Allure, but we’ve slotted May as the time frame for permanent installation on select ships. The Freestyle Machines will work with our RFID soda cups (Radio Frequency Identification) and will allow guests who purchase our soda package to self service the over 130 flavors of beverages offered on the Freestyle Machine.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:


    Adam, There still is a problem with the smoking poloicy on RCCL. The problem is there really is no set policy. Even with a non smoking area in the casino’s the whole place smells of smoke as it is in the curtains and carpets. On the Voyager and Freedom Class ships you can smell it on the prominade as it reeks it’s way up the spiral stair case. As a non smoking Diamond class COPD sufferer I may not be able to sail with RCCL any longer. Celebrity has made a very firm policy switch which is much safer for people like myself. Quit serving the minority of cruisers and put in place a ensible non smoking policy which allows smoking only on the outside of the ship.
    An answer would be appreciated. I am also a home based agent with Cruises and Tours Unlimited (CLIA # 00409065.)

    • Tina

      Yes and I have a huge issue with people who cannot be happy until all smoking is eliminated. Get over it people! I mean, we can’t smoke in the cabins, soon we won’t be able to smoke out side on our balconies, and there are still a lot of smokers out there that are not low life idiots folks like you want to make us out to be. If you are really concerned about the air that you breathe then start demanding that the air all over the world be pollution free! COMPLETELY! I mean, seriously, that is more of a problem but I suppose more difficult to battle than smokers who smoke cigarettes that are our right to smoke!
      IT is not illegal…..

      • Pat Startek

        I also have emphysema and have been told by my doctors that, not only may I never smoke again, but I may not be around people who do as my lungs are so damaged. We used to travel with family members who smoked continuously and I am really sad that we cannot travel with them anymore.

        We did a cruise with a non-smoking couple last November and I felt fine but I am very cautious around smokers now as my next step is to carry an oxygen tank. This is not a pleasant disease and will rob me of my ability to breathe.

      • Brian Seekford

        It’s not illegal because we allow people to make choices in this country. It is very rude though to force others to breathe in your smoke. It is really ignorant of you to think that since it is your right to smoke, we should all respect that and breathe in your cigarette smoke. How about you consider I can buy a can of fart spray, it is legal as well, and just start spraying that everywhere I go. Would you mind? Would that be ok since it is legal? Your logic is ridiculous.

        I won’t go into the casino much anymore due to the cigarette smoke, nor will my wife. We are very sensitive to it have a strong physical reaction. I am not alone in this. It is quite amazing how ONE person, with a cigarette, can pollute such a large space and affect so many people. Quit being ignorant and view the facts. You should smoke outside, where it bothers less people, and leave the indoor air alone.

        I would be much more likely to spend my money in the casino if it weren’t full of smoke. It all drifts over, it is one room after all.

    • Cindi

      Smoking is a terrible habit -but is it really any of yours or anyone elses business who smokes , as long as they are in the smoking area, why would it bother you?-You can take yourself away from the smoking section-i think you are being a bit snobbish–I am a smoker, this does not make me a bad person – i happen to be very respectful of others, and will not smoke around people who do not smoke –i also will not smoke in my own home , i go outside because i own a Pug,and Pugs do not breath very well—and if i am outside, or in a designated smoking area no matter where i am -it is not for you to look at me and judge and give dirty looks ==how about smiling and saying hello-you might find out that you enjoy my company

      • Greg

        My wife and I are both smokers, very considerate smokers as a matter of fact. We respect all smoking restrictions aboard Royal Caribbean, and do whatever we can to see that our cigarette smoke does not bother other guests even when we’re in a smoking section.

        That being said, we are growing tired of the way we are being treated because we smoke. I have never witnessed a smoker demanding to light up in a non-smoking area aboard a Royal Caribbean ship. However, my wife and I have been harassed numerous times by other passengers and even one crew member for smoking in a designated smoking section. On one occasion, we were even threatened.

        Not only do we pay the same fare as everyone else, we pay extra to book a Junior Suite so we can have a balcony to smoke on. We spend a lot of time, and a whole lot of money, in the casino because that is the only public room we are allowed to smoke in. We cannot sit down in a lounge, enjoy a cocktail and some live entertainment, because we would be forced to climb a flight or two of stairs and go out on an open deck every time we wanted to smoke.

        We’re not asking for any sort of special treatment, just the same consideration as everyone else who paid for a ticket has a right to expect. Is allowing us to continue to smoke on the open air of our private balcony too much to ask? How about having one small cocktail lounge just for smokers? Is that too much to ask? Technology does exist to deal with cigarette smoke. Smoke-eaters, as they’re commonly called, have been used in bars and other establishments for decades. I believe the most popular brand is SmokeMaster. How about installing a couple, possibly in the smoking section of the casino? I know that’s something that would impact Royal Caribbean’s bottom line a bit, but given the large amount of money people like my wife and I spend on board, wouldn’t it be worth it Adam?

        Again, we are not asking for special treatment. We’re just tired of being treated as something less than human. And we will no longer tolerate the harassment and threats. Unfortunately, smokers are the only group of people in America that it’s not only legal and okay to openly discriminate against, but it’s actually fashionable to do so. If smokers are no longer welcome aboard Royal Caribbean, please be clear about that, Adam, and we’ll be happy to take our cruises with another line that will value our business.

  • Denise Taylor

    Please, please consider offering short weekend (4 day) cruises out of L.A. or San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. We went on a couple in the past and which were just the best! Ensenada needs to be deleted from all cruise itineraries forever. Cabo is beautiful, lots to do, and still remains a safe Mexican destination.

    • Millie Roehrick

      I agree with the question asked by Denis Taylor regarding bringing 4 day cruises back to the U.S. West Coast. I also agree that you ca elimate Ensenada from all itineries and make Cabo as the destination instead. Does Royal Caribbean considered doing this for your west coast members any time soon?

      • Randii

        I want to thank you for your reply for the smoker. I am a non smoker who has a husband that smokes. We are Diamond plus members and go by all of the rules. We are educated and tired of hearing about the air that belongs to the non smokers. You are right about pollution and it contains more that just cigarette smoke. I want to thank RCCL for allowing my husband and other smokers on board with rights, I believe they have right , you are right it is not illegal. I have asthma and you keep a very clean ship and it is very hard to smell smoke except in the smoking areas, the non-smokers should just stay out of those areas and the smokey areas wouldnt bother them,, thank you once again…. from A nonsmoker with a smoking husband

  • Ginny Brockway

    Hello Adam,
    I live in New Jersey and our family are avid cruisers. The Explorer of the Seas has been in Bayonne NJ for several years, as we sailed on the Explorer in 2009 and 2012. Any plans to bring a new large ship to Bayonne? We are planning another cruise in January 2013 and would love to sail out of NJ again. We also prefer 9 or 10 night sailings.

    Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!
    Ginny Brockway

    • Vinnie Zampacota

      Yes I agree, I am a RCCL cruiser and have sailed from Bayonne several times. I would also like to know if there will be a different ship deployed to Bayonne.

    • Adam

      Hi Ginny, please find the answer to your question in the May edition of our Ask Adam Answers blog. Thank you and we hope this helps.

  • Barb W.

    We have booked an Alaskan Cruise for my husband and myself. This is on his list of “must do” before I die. He has been wanting to see Alaska for as long as we have been married (36 years). To make a long story short, my dear sweet husband has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The expense of the treatment is horrendous but I am trying my best to give him the best time he has left. Does Royal Caribbean ever give price discount above the oridinary if this type of illness can be documented to make it easier on the family?

  • Kathy MacPherson

    Hi: My question is about the “Web Cam” on the Oasis and Allure. I love looking at them on a daily basis to see what is going on on the ships – we are booked to sail on the Oasis in March 2013 so it is awesome to be able to watch. Would it be possible to move the web cam from “Central Park” to somewhere else on the Oasis – there is never anything to see on Central Park (beautiful though it may be!!). Perhaps it could be moved to the Aqua Theatre area (like the Allure). Thank you

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Kathy, we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  • Michael B.

    Hi Adam

    In 2007 Navigator of The Seas visited Copenhagen, but since then no Voyager go Freedom class has been there. Why is that, and could you say if it will happened in the future?

    B.T.W. thank you for all the cruises out of Copenhagen, I will decently take advanges of that :-)

  • Randy Barbee

    Hi Adam,
    My wife and friends have been loyal Royal Caribbean customer for some time. We are are all North Carolina residents and would like to know if there is any plans in the forseable future to homeport a ship out of Charleston, SC. I’ve read that they have plans to build a brand new cruise terminal and it’s also a great tourist destination. Last but certinaly not least. It would be much more convienent for customers to cruise out of such a convient port. What are your thoughts?
    Randy Barbee

  • Robert Anderson

    Thanks for taking time to respond to the above questions.

    I have been an avid cruiser since August 2009. I have been avid with RCCL since my first on the Monarch in Dec 09. Since then I have been on the Monarch 4 times, Freedom twice and the Navigator. There is no suprise that the Monarch days are numbered in Port Canaveral. My question is what class of ship are you planning on replacing the Monarch and Majesty for the short cruises?

    I also sailed Carnival once. The one think I liked on Carnival which I think they should install on RCCL, is a Self Service Kiosk for guest relations. The Kiosk would be able to look at your Seapass account and take money toward the account.

    Thank you for your time

  • diane Johnson

    Hi Adam, We just booked our first cruise on the Explorer of the Seas to celebrate our 40th Anniversary and my sisters 20th. A group of 16 family members will be celebrating with us, including two grand children ages 2 and 4. We are leaving from Bayonne on Saturday April 7th to Bermuda. As Sunday will be Easter, I was disappointed to learn that there are no festivities for the little ones such as breakfast with the Bunny or egg hunt. I know there will be many activities for them to do, but this will be disappointing. I’m looking forward to my first cruise, and hope to go on many more.

    • Catherine Casabianca

      I am a Diamond Plus member of the Crown and Anchor Club and have traveled with my grandchildren at various ages from 12 mos. to 10 years. If the ship isn’t doing anything “special” with the Easter Bunny etc., your family could do their own thing for the holiday. For example, fill plastic colored eggs with small strips of paper with a prize listed and conduct your own Easter egg hunt and bring along the small gifts, a jump rope, small bottles of bubbles (to be used with adult supervision), coloring book and crayons, a Matchbox car, PEZ candy dispensers, whatever your family decides. Or, make your own Easter baskets and bring them on board. By the way, you and your family should take advantage of the children’s programs. The kids love ’em and the parents (and grandparents) enjoy a quiet few hours. Our family loves RCCL and, although we tried other ships – no more. Just RCCL for us. The food, the staff and activities are absolutely top notch. Have a wonderful vacation.

    • Adam

      We can’t wait to have you onboard for your first cruise, Diane, and congratulations on both anniversaries. We look forward to having you all onboard.

    • Lisa L

      I think you have to remember that Easter is a Christian religious holiday. Not everyone will be christian on a cruise. While I do realize that for children its about bunnies and easter egg hunts but for a business that caters to the masses, its a fine line. I agree with the other responder, bring some of your own stuff and have an easter egg hunt on your own. While RCCL does provide a lot in the form of entertainment for us all, you shouldnt expect them to be in a position of celebrating one holiday and not others for other religious backggrounds This is a vacation vessel..not a religious vacation vessel.

  • John Mouris

    Hey Adam,
    Listen being from NY area and haved sailed with your cruise line several times i tell ya I am getting a little bored with RCCL choice of ships to put here in Ny/NJ area. My thinking is that you have built this stand alone cruise port you guys call Cape Liberty, and yes I was on the very first ship to you use this port which was Voyager and a very nice ship she is, only to be replaced by Explorer a year newer 2001 well to be honest that is just not good enough we here in the northeast are probably the strongest demographically, It would seem to me that you could provide us with something a little better like say Liberty of the seas. Yes i know that the cost associated with these ships is approaching the Billion dollar number such as Oasis and Allure, but Liberty of the seas is a no brainer you have Cape Liberty and Liberty of the seas you could make this a marketing win for everyone one concerned, you get a hold of say humm oh i dont know Good morning America or The Today Show tell them your inducing your new flag ship to Cape Liberty, such as LIBERTY of the Seas… Im sure the reason for not doing this is the cost !!! and that after 5-7 days people just dont spend as much and a seven day turnaround is much more profitable to help offset the cost of the ship, but in this economy where people are counting every nickle me personally im having a hard time justiifying the cost of a explorer vacation again 2x . And yes i’ve been on Oasis on her inaugural season, now that is a impressive ship, it will be sometime before that feat can ever be beaten. Please try to bring us here in the NY area a newer style of ship.
    John Mouris

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, John.

  • Thomas Bentley

    Hello Adam,
    My wife and I are regular cruisers with Royal Caribbean, but would like to do a round the island cruise of Great Britian.
    Stops in Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc.
    Are any in the planning stages?

    • Pat Startek

      The round the island cruise sounds great!! Sign me up!

  • Charlene Herbert

    We just came back from our 2nd trip on the Oasis of the Seas.. Had a wonderful cruise except for the unbelievably cold day in the Bahamas. There was mention that a new ship is in the works for the year 2014….When will there be information about this new ship??? name, size, possible cruise ports?? will it be as big as Oasis and Allure???


    • Adam

      We’re glad you enjoyed your cruise onboard Oasis of the Seas, Charlene. You can read about Project Sunshine here and please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates.

  • Heather Samuel

    Hello Adam,
    I am a DIamond Plus Member and have tried to be loyal to Royal but i have sailed on other cruise lines. I really
    hope that you shake up the itineraries, for those of us that sail several cruises a year doing the same ships and
    ports is becoming stagnant. Please shake things up. Maybe offer different meals and themes on the different ships so that it is not like being exactly the same as the last cruise you were on. Also, please do more out of Boston or at
    least have a larger, better ship going out of Bayonne. I also would like to see a cruise go to Paris, Belgium and the
    British Isles. Please help us here in the Northeast! With oil prices going up and the cost of airfare increasing we need more cruises going out of ports in Boston and Bayonne. I would also like to see some 4 and 5 day cruises going out of here.Maybe you could have the Allure or the Oasis go out of a different port and have different itineraries.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your feedback, Heather and we’ll be sure to take it into account when we create future itineraries moving forward.

  • Joanna Sanchez

    Hi, Adam! I always enjoy eating at the specialty restaurants because the quality of the food is excellent and the service is superb. My favorite specialty restaurant was Chops Grille until I tried Samba Grill on the Allure of the Seas. Do you foresee the addition of Samba Grill or any other new specialty restaurants on any of the other ships?

    Thank you for your time!

    • Adam

      We’re glad you enjoyed our Brazilian-style steakhouse, Samba Grill. We have added Samba Grill to Radiance of the Seas as part of our ship revitalization program. In 2012 we will continue to transform our fleet by bringing new dining options, entertainment, technology and kid’s programming. As part of our commitment to innovation and providing the best experience for our guests, no ship will go untouched. You can learn more about updates to each ship here.

  • Roberta Grajeda

    Hello Adam
    I too am a California resident who is crying, begging, pleading, praying and whinning for you to bring a ship back to the west coast. With the way the economy is going, oil prices going up, flying to the east coast is just not doable for a middle class family anymore. I just recently went on an NCL cruise that I won. I only had to pay for the port fees and taxes but the price of the airfare cost me as much as what I use to pay for a cruise. I been a avid cruiser since 2003. Platinum member of Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and NCL. But it’s your ships I want to sail on. Please reconsider deploying a ship here again for your Loyal Royals, there are many of us here.
    Please address this question, since it is on many of the west coast minds.
    Thank you
    Roberta Grajeda

  • Tim Fogarty

    Hi Adam,

    my wife an I are diamond plus members and heard through the grapevine that the Monarch of the Seas is being sold, can you tell me what ship will take its place in port Canaveral? We live in the Tampa, FL area and love taking the short cruises on a quick getaway. Also any more ships heading up to tampa besides the Jewel, and in Port Canaveral besides the Freedom? Thanks

  • Sandy

    Was on the Allure did not like it as much as the smaller ships… To many international people speaking and yelling in other languages… Spoke to many other people that has been on the Allure and the Oasys too, and felt the same way…

  • Brandon Glandt

    Can you tell us anything about project sunshine? If so, what can you tell us.

    • Adam

      Hi Brandon, you can read about Project Sunshine here and please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates.

  • Brian Seekford

    The reservation system for the Oasis and Allure are abysmal. The user experience is horrible. The sold out shows don’t remove themselves from the search list and you can’t find out that they are sold out until you try and check out. A multiple step process that forces you to remember each show time you already have tried.

    This could be done so much better. Took me 30 minutes to find out all the comedy shows were sold out. As has been the case each time I sailed.

    • Adam

      Hello Brian, please let us know if there is anything specific we can help you with and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • Carrie

    Just returned from our first cruise: Monarch of the Seas, to Bahamas.
    It was enjoyed by all of us thoroughly! Just wondering how I can view and order the professional photography, that was done on board.
    Thanks so much,

    • Adam

      We’re glad you had a great first cruise, Carrie. To contact our photo department you can call (800) 772-3470 or (305) 476-3666, and email at We hope this helps.

  • Cheryl Weston

    Hi I just want to say I LOVE Royal Caribbean, I have tried other lines but Royal is my favorite. I have converted so many of my friend to Royal Caribbean and they haven’t looked back. I would like to say that because I am often by myself on a cruise I tend to talk to a lot of people, there are so many fantastic suggestions out there that people talk about and on the reverse there are a lot of things people don’t like and come up with an alternative idea that makes perfect sense that it makes you wonder why it wasn’t thought of in the first place. The problem as I see it and when I ask is that people do not submit their ideas, and they are all going to waste. I know you have a suggestion box, but a lot of people don’t use it. I know Royal Caribbean do listen to passengers so it’s a shame to see so many suggestions not written down, these are just my thoughts.

    • Adam

      Thank you for spreading the Royal Caribbean WOW to all of your friends, Cheryl. We appreciate your efforts as well as your note on how more cruisers should share their ideas. We hope to have you back onboard soon.

  • Cameron

    Are you placing a coke freestyle machine onboard Voyager of the seas and are you also placing replacing all the tvs in the staterooms with flat screen tv’s?

    • Adam

      Hi Cameron, we will be enhancing the TVs in Voyager of the Seas with interactive televisions. As for the Coke Freestyle machines, they will be placed on select ships in May. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates. Thanks.

  • Ivani

    Adam, please I need its email to send a subject of great importance. Here in the face it would be very ackward, grateful Ivani , My e-mail is:
    Please is very, very important, Referent Oasis of the Seas, tks.

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  • RajC

    I just returned from a Spring Break cruise on Freedom of the Seas. Roughly 7 months prior, I cruised on Oasis for my 10th anniversary. I cruised on Explorer of the Seas a year or so year before that. My initial impression of Explorer did not make me the RCCL fan I am today. It left a whole lot to be desired for ship of its size. I had to try Oasis for many reasons. The Oasis made me a big RCCL fan. It is the best cruise ship out of the 12 I have been on. The bar is set very high now. My cruise on FOS was great, but there where elements of the Oasis I wish could have been present. A few inconsistencies I noticed where: (1) the Adventure Ocean program was not up to par compared to Oasis, irrespective of the facilities, the staff was just not as engaging with the kids and the activities where boring as my children stated. I could not keep them away on Oasis and they really didn’t care to go after a few visits on FOS. (2) The Solarium Buffet on Oasis was a big hit with my wife and I. While we do love the other dining options, a dedicated healthy food buffet helps keep the pounds off. (3) The Rock Wall policy on FOS differs from the one on Oasis. My 5 year old was allowed to climb on Oasis, while he could not on FOS. (4) The stage shows on FOS are a big disappointment. The singers and dancers where not so good. The acts brought in where mediocre at best. The best show was the adult comedy by the Cruise Director. Again my kids (5 & 8) where not pleased nor was I. Compare this to the shows on Oasis and there is a huge disparity. So my question is, What is being done to implement a more consistent experience across your newer, larger and more attractive Oasis and Freedom class ships?