Guest Post- A Glimpse Into Our “Ship of Entertainment”

by 754

Lisa BauerI spent all day last Tuesday at our Hollywood Production Studios with the entertainment team.  The entire day was a vital part of the overall creative process, where we saw the set and costume designs; and once again reviewed the music for many of our shows that will be onboard Allure.  It is amazing that we spent the entire day to cover four shows, and didn’t even get to the parade, the Aqua Theatre shows and other entertainment activities.  Allure is definitely the “Ship of Entertainment” in our eyes.

We have amazingly talented set and production designers, Gerry Hariton and Vicki Baral, who created scenic models with all the sets to scale for the Amber Theatre.  We were able to see all the scenic elements for our shows, how they will work, where the singers and dancers will perform, and all special effects.

Our first presentation was for CHICAGO, the musical.  Not only did we have the Royal team there, but also had the Associate Lighting Designer – John Demous, Choreographer / Dance Supervisor – Gary Chryst, and Scenic Designer – John Lee Beatty from Broadway’s CHICAGO.  Our production will be completely authentic, complete with the unique set and black costumes, direct from Broadway.

After the CHICAGO presentation, Jeremy Plummer, Director & Choreographer for Blue Planet, took us through this exciting original production.  This show has scenes that are unreal! Highlights will be when a tree comes to life as a “living tree,”  as well as an enormous mountain scenic unit with trampolines built into it, so you can just imagine the action and choreography that will take place!  This show is a departure from any production show we have done, and takes us from the rain forest, to the desert, to the ocean, and then the mountains and brings together the music, aerial artistry and gymnastics together in a very surreal way.

The afternoon was all about the ice shows.  The first show will be Ice Games.  I didn’t think it would be possible to top the costumes or show from Oasis, but based on the costume designs we saw for this show, we will have raised the bar once again.  The overall concept brings a Monopoly board to life, and as we roll the dice, we visit various landmarks, with a twist.  Rather than landing on a traditional Monopoly square, we might land on Boardwalk, or Dazzles, or even go directly to Jail.   This is definitely a very clever story line.

The day finished with our first peek at the second ice show, How to Train Your Dragon, based on the DreamWorks hit 3D movie.  While you typically wouldn’t find me using the word “magical,” for obvious reasons, it is truly the word that describes how we will bring to life the movie in this ice show.  Our Co-Producer, Willy Bietak, said he has done projects for decades and this was one of his favorites ever.  It is no small challenge to figure out how to bring dragons to life.  This will be a 20-30 minute show that will undoubtedly be a favorite for all ages.

I’m sure the healthy competition between the ice shows and the production and water shows will continue for who gets the highest ratings from our guests!

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