Guest Post – BIG NEWS on Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas!

by 834
Lisa Bauer - Senior VP, Hotel Operations

It seems like just yesterday that we were broadcasting the Today Show onboard Freedom of the Seas when we introduced her to the world, and then one short year later, her sister Liberty joined our fleet.  It’s hard to believe that the year was 2006, and these two amazing ships are already set to go to dry-dock in the first quarter of 2011.  This presented us with a very unique opportunity to take advantage of the fact that both ships were going to dry-dock, as we wanted to begin to further enhance the already amazing guest experience on these ships by introducing a number of key innovations from Oasis. We focused on those experiences that were most important to our guests, so drum roll please…..

A major focus will be on entertainment and activities, and we will introduce large outdoor movie screens pool side, like those found in the aqua-theatre.  This has been a huge hit on Oasis, where our guests have enjoyed everything from family movie nights, to watching the Super Bowl and next month we’ll be broadcasting World Cup Soccer.  In addition to the outdoor screens, we will also be introducing 3D movie screens and projectors in the main theatre to take advantage of all the new 3D movies being produced, which will be a very unique brand offering.  Continuing with the entertainment, we will also feature a children’s puppet show on both ships, which is a wonderful family experience that incorporates live theatre and puppeteering. Another very popular activity from Oasis, Live the City, will also join the activities line up.  It’s a scavenger hunt style activity where guests get the inside look at how our ships are built, the inner workings of the operation and interesting facts.  Another WOW from Oasis was the first Nursery for our brand, and because of its amazing popularity, we will also be introducing a Nursery on Freedom and Liberty, adding to our acclaimed Adventure Ocean children’s program.


As a finale on the entertainment line-up, and based on the overwhelming success of Hairspray on Oasis, and soon Chicago on Allure, we also had the unique opportunity on Liberty of the Seas to negotiate rights to another Broadway Show, which will be added in 2011, but I am going to keep the actual show a secret for now.  (A girl can’t tell everything at one time!)

On the culinary front, we had a lot of fun trying to decide which features from Oasis to bring to these ships, and the overwhelming favorite was Cupcake Cupboard!  We can’t seem to bake enough cupcakes to keep up with the demand, and the guests love the cupcake decorating classes.  It will be interesting to see if Red Velvet remains the top favorite on these ships, or if Turtle moves into the #1 cupcake spot :)

Cupcake Cupboard

Our favorite wine bar Vintage’s will also be getting an update that will include the very popular wine tasting table,  as well as enomatic wine dispensers that have become a favorite on Oasis.

The interactive digital signage on Oasis, which was touted as one of the top cruise innovations of 2009, will also be part of the Freedom and Liberty new programming.

  • Ketti Menne

    I am planning on Cruising on the Liberty on Feb. 28, will the changes have taken place by then? I am so excited!

    • Adam

      Ketti, thank you for your interest in planning a cruise on Liberty of the Seas. In regards to our enhancements on Liberty of the Seas, most of them will be in place for a February 2011 cruise.

  • Debbie


    • Adam

      Debbie, Freedom of the Seas will be in dry dock on March 20th and will be back in service on March 27th.

  • Lynn Byer

    I don’t think anyone could be more in love with The Cupcake Cupboard than my son. We got off Oasis last Saturday. Just ask Allison how many cupcakes Edward and his family ate during the week .

    • Adam

      Lynn, we’re glad you and your family enjoyed the Cupcake Cupboard during your stay onboard the Oasis. So, how many cupcakes did your son have?

  • Betty-Ann

    I look forward to every cruise we go on, to see what new innovation will be on each. We are scheduled to cruise on Oasis in October and we are excited, and can’t get enough information about it. Keep impressing us. ; )

    • Adam

      Betty-Ann, we can’t wait to have you onboard the Oasis this October. She is a beautiful ship with several new features and great onboard entertainment. Thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

  • Chris

    I’m excited to hear about these new features. But why not on the Independence as well?

    • Adam

      Chris, since Independence of the Seas is completing her first full year sailing out of Southampton, England we want to have a better understanding of the needs of those guests before we make any changes.

  • Ian milby


  • janey Layman

    Great job on the choice of activities and features that you’re brining to Freedom and Liberty. Although I love Oasis, Freedom class ships are still a real favority of mine, so adding these amenities is such a plus!

    I think you should also add a “beat the pro” type of contest where folks could race to beat Adam’s time on a 5k or even a mile around the deck. It would be a hoot to see if us “normal” people could compete against him in some events!!!

    • Adam

      Janey, thank you for your continued loyalty with Royal Caribbean. We are glad to hear that you are excited as we are about the new changes that are being introduced to the Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas and will keep your suggestions in mind for the future.

  • Tony Sauve

    Greetings Lisa:
    Girl you never seem to amaze me with the Innovative and Inginious ideas you and your Team keep coming up with time and time again.
    I can’t wait to go on the Liberty just for the Movie screen alone! Hopefully it will be installed before European Season.
    Thank you again for providing great new experiences for us all to enjoy on RCCL.

  • Delores Gursling

    May last cruise was on Liberty. Absolutely loved it!! So much to do and see. I’m wondering though, is it necessary to change an already beautiful ship? I thought Oasis and Allure were going to be originals. Please don’t try to “remake” your already great fleet.

  • Adam

    Delores, we’re glad to hear that you had a great time onboard the Liberty of the Seas. The Liberty of the Seas and her sister ship Freedom of the Seas, will be getting a few updates to enhance our guests’ experience. The Oasis and the Allure will continue to be original ships with an assortment of other onboard activities and entertainment which continue to make them so unique.

  • Bill Diederich

    Hi Adam,

    My wife and I are very excited about the new features on the Liberty.

    We are booked for the April 2, 2011 sailing to Barcelona.

    The on-line system has not shown that cruise for a week causing much concern on the part of those who already have reservations.

    Is the April 2, 2011 sailing still on?.
    No one at RCI seems to know.
    PLEASE say YES!


    • Adam

      Glad to hear that you are excited about the new features onboard the Liberty of the Seas. For the April 2, 2011 Barcelona cruise, please click here for the sailing information:

  • Tyler


    I’m so excited about the addition of a Broadway show on Liberty of the Seas! When will the show be announced? When will the show be implemented? In time for a May 2011 Mediterranean cruise?

    • Adam

      Hi Tyler, at this time no final decision has been made, but once they are finalized we will let you know. Stay tuned.

  • Beth

    My husband and I sailed on the Liberty of the Seas inuaugural for our honeymoon and very first cruise. That sailing made us cruise addicts and we’re now happpy to be Diamond C&A members!

    We just had our first child, Kelly, in September 2009 and have had to re-evaluate how we plan our cruises. We’re excited to sail on Allure’s inaugural in December and decided to book that ship because of the Royal Babies and Tots program. So we are super excited that now we will be able to enjoy the same program on our first love, the Liberty.

    Can you tell when the Royal Babies and Tots program will become available? Will that be implemented following the 1/26/2011 dry dock that Liberty has scheduled? We would love to book something on Liberty for Spring 2011 if we know that we’ll be able to use the nursery with Kelly!

    • Adam

      Congratulations on becoming new parents as well as Diamond Crown & Anchor Society members! The Royal Babies and Tots program for the Liberty of the Seas will be available when Liberty returns from dry dock on January 30, 2011. We’re excited to have you onboard the Allure and that Kelly is setting sail on her first cruise with us.

  • Wilma jones

    We are looking forward to Allure in Oct 2011. Can you please tell me if you have an Aquafit program? If not, can it be arranged? Many ladies in the 55+ are doing this kind of fitness in their local pools/spas. On the Adetre of the Seas at a request from some they they adjusted to include Aquadynamics (please don’t call it that) but the pool was too small. If you can do that kind of program for us call it AquaFit and play Abba, Michael Jackson,Rod Stewart, music we can relate to. Our instructor obviously hadn’t done it before and played all the wrong kind of music and did his best, of course. It’s popular and most of us are way past spin cycling classes, aerobics, tai bo, etc. We need fun when exercising. Thaks for listening. Wilma Jones

    • Adam

      Wilma, we’re glad to hear that you’ve reserved a cruise onboard the Allure of the Seas. In our Fitness Center we provide “Aquamotion” which is a “program that features a water workout that both challenges and supports the body.” For more information about various Fitness Center classes visit: We appreciate the feedback as well as your “Aquafit” suggestion, and will keep it in mind. Thank you.

  • Laure

    Hi Adam,
    We are a group of 18 with 6 rooms currently booked on the Freedom sailing May 20th (week of dry dock). What are our options at this time? This is the only week we can go due to Spring Break,etc.

    • Adam

      Hi Laure, we are glad to hear that you reserved a cruise onboard the Freedom of the Seas. Luckily, she will be in dry dock starting on March 20 and will be back in service on March 27. Therefore, your May 2011 cruise won’t be affected and you’ll be able to enjoy her new enhancements and innovations on your cruise.

  • Ruby

    We love the freedom class and so happy you are adding features to them. Will Freedom of the Seas also be getting a broadway show, you only mentioned it for Liberty? I was also wondering if there was ANY chance of doing an itinerary for Freedom or Liberty like Explorer has? A 5 day to Bermuda and altenate with a 9 day to the Southern Caribbean from Florida? Our next cruise is on Celebrity(our first time) but right after I will be back on Royal working towards my diamond plus….

    • Adam

      Ruby, we’re happy to hear that you are excited as we are about the new features and innovations onboard the Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. In regards to your question about a Broadway Show on Freedom we haven’t announced which show will be onboard, but will keep our fans posted. We also appreciate your suggestion regarding an itinerary similar to Explorer of the Seas and will keep it in mind for future cruises. Thank you for your comments and we hope that you will continue to enjoy Royal Caribbean for years to come.

    • Adam

      Ruby, I just wanted to follow-up with your previous question, as of right now only Liberty of the Seas will be having a Broadway show. If anything changes in the future, we’ll be sure to announce it to all of our fans.

  • Vickie Turner

    My family and I will be cruising on the Liberty of the Seas on the 8 night Eastern Carribean Cruise which departs Miami on 2-5-11. We will be cruising with our son who will be almost 18 mos., and I wanted to know if the Royal Babies and Tots/Nursery program will be available for our cruise. Thanks

    • Adam

      Vickie, we’re happy to hear that you’ve reserved a cruise onboard the Liberty of the Seas. Our Royal Babies and Tots program for the Liberty of the Seas will be available when she returns from dry dock on January 30, 2011.

  • RL

    My family and I are booked on the March 27th Freedom cruise. Just want to verify there is no chance the dry dock will run past it’s scheduled end date of March 26th. We are looking into booking airfare shortly and are not comfortable in doing so until we know for sure we will not be sailing on a different ship from a different port. We are thrilled to hear of the enhancements on the Freedom!

    • Adam

      We are pleased to hear that you are excited about our new features onboard the Freedom of the Seas. Regarding your concern about her dry dock we can let you know that we have had experience in doing major refurbishments and always finish right on time. We do not anticipate that the dates for Freedom’s return will shift. Thank you for your question and we hope to see you onboard the Freedom of the Seas next year.

  • Meredith Hazel

    Mr Adam, It is my pleasure to begin cruising as a form of vacation. I am looking into making Freedom of the seas as our first cruise ship of choice. My problem is we are a family of 5 with 3 kids in tow. After careful research it seems like there are limited family state rooms, will this change in the near future? It will be cost effective for us because we are a 9 hour drive to Port Canaveral.

    • Adam

      Meredith, we’re happy to hear that Freedom of the Seas is your cruise ship of choice for your first cruise vacation. We do offer a variety of stateroom accommodations for larger families. These include our Family Oceanview Staterooms as well as our Family Interior Staterooms. Also, keep in mind that families can book two staterooms with connecting doors.

  • Marcus

    Hi Adam

    I’m due to be sailing, once again, on Liberty on its 30 Jan cruise in 2011. Out of the features outlined above which can I expect to have been finished? I’m very excited about cupcake cupboard and the broadway show in particular – will these both be in place for the first ‘new’ Liberty cruise?

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

    • Adam

      Hello Marcus, we are delighted to know that you will be onboard Liberty of the Seas on January 30th. The Liberty of the Seas will have a dry dock, which is when we will add the great new amenities. The Cupcake Cupboard will definitely be ready for your cruise. The Broadway Show; is still pending, but stay posted for any new developments or updates. We assure you the experience will be great

  • Martha

    My family and I will be taking our annual family cruise on Freedom of the Seas the first week of January — everyone from the 6 year old to the 86 year old! We are huge football fans. Will we be able to see the bowl games on ship? Thanks.

    • Adam

      We will be looking forward to seeing you and your family onboard Freedom of the Seas with us this January, Martha. As far as your question about being able to watch football games onboard Freedom of the Seas, Yes, we will have the college bowl games on the TVs in guests stateroom as well as in the Sports Bars.

  • Ramona

    Will Saturday Night Fever Broadway Show be ready for the January 30, 2011 sailing on the Liberty of the Seas. Our first cruise. And if it is not, what adult shows can we expect?

    • Adam

      Hello Ramona, we are honored that you chose us for your first cruise! Saturday Night fever will be coming to Liberty of the Seas on January 30, 2011, you can find information on Saturday Night Fever on Liberty of the Seas by clicking here.

  • kYLe

    Hi Adam,

    I just wanted to confirm your most recent response with respect to Saturday Night Fever. Above, you indicated that the production show would be coming to the Liberty as of January 30, 2011. But, the Royal Caribbean Production website indicates a start date of April 2011. Am I to assume that the date has now changed and that I won’t be able to see the new production on my March 2011 sailing on the Liberty? If that is the case, what production shows will be offered? Thanks.

    • Adam

      Kyle, sorry for the confusion. Saturday Night Fever does begin in April of this year. While you are onboard Liberty of the Seas, you will be able to see Royal Caribbean’s first flying show “In the Air.” Apart from that, DreamWorks and our other amazing features are still on for January 30, 2011. Thank you for pointing that out as we always try to provide our guests with the most accurate information as possible. We can’t wait to have you onboard, see you in a few months!

  • Brigitte

    Adam, We love the Freedom of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas- and we know we will love Oasis and Allure, but the FOS and the two new ships have the same itinerary. Any chances RCCL will consider maybe allowing Freedom or Liberty to look at doing Turks, Puerto Rico or even Roatan one day?? Dont get me wrong, I love these ships- but I am getting a bit tired of the same ports
    Thanks for considering!!

    • Adam

      Hello, Bridgette. We are so happy you enjoy our ships! Thanks so much for your feedback. We will definitely take your suggestion under consideration as we plan future itineraries.

  • Debbie Leppard

    We are sailing on the Freedom of the Seas on 4/17. I read in a review that Graham Seymour was the CD on the Freedom of the Seas but had just left for vacation. Will he be back by 4/17? We had him last year on the Independence and would love to cruise with him again.

    • Adam

      Hello, Debbie. Graham Seymour will be back onboard in time to be your cruise director. We’re looking forward to seeing you on your cruise this April.

  • Andy

    Since getting reacquainted with the cruising industry in late 2008 as I booked my honeymoon, it became very obvious to me that Royal was a brand that stood out. I have wanted to experience a Freedom class (or larger) ship since then and I have finally found the right opportunity. I booked the September 4 sailing on the Freedom and am ecstatic especially since all of the upgrades are now in place! Looking forward to the first of hopefully MANY experiences on Royal Caribbean!

    • Adam

      We’re honored to be your first cruise experience, Andy. We’re confident that you will have a very memorable experience as our entire crew strives to deliver the WOW to all of our guests. Please share your experience onboard either here or on our Facebook page. Have a great time onboard Freedom of the Seas this September and we hope to see you many more times after.

  • Michelle


    We are sailing on the Liberty of the Seas on the 28th May. I was wondering will the Champions League Final with Manchester United vs Barcelona be shown on board.


    • Adam

      Hello, Michelle. Please check with guest relations once you board your ship to see if they will be showing the Champions League final. We can’t wait to have you onboard Liberty of the Seas, we’ll see you soon.

  • Robert Lozano


    I am very excited about all these upgrades for the Freedom, which we will enjoy on our 12/18/2011 sailing- we enjoyed these amenities on our Oasis sailing in June 2011. Will Vintages offer the same extensive dinner menu as is offered on Oasis? Thanks.

  • Chris

    When will Freedom get a true Broadway show?

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Chris, No definite decision has been made at this time.

      • Chris

        So at least it is in discussion? ;)